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BindDB is an online resource which allows you to query the Meshorer Lab Epigenomic Feature Database.
Currently BindDB includes ChIP-seq and ChiP-on-chip data for numerous Transcription Factors, Histone Modifications and other proteins, from various mouse cell samples collected from numerous publications and from the experiments performed by the Meshorer lab.
Use this resource to find the full epigenomic profile of any gene or chromosomal area of your choice, or upload a file with a list of your genes / genomic areas of interest.

Please cite BindDB
Livyatan I, Aaronson Y, Gokhman D, Ashkenazi R & Meshorer E (2015)
BindDB: An integrated database and webtool platform for “Reverse-ChIP” epigenomic analysis. Cell Stem Cell, 17(6):647-648

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